petek, 17. junij 2011


This offer is a special offer for specific members. From all enters we will selected 300 most active and good members who don't break any rules on stardoll. Enter may everyone who is active on stardollu, including non-SS.

What it means to be active on stardoll?
This means that on the day you spend a lot of time on stardollu and have pretty suite and doll, presentation and other things.

All you have to do is to write a short text about what you are going to do during the summer holidays. Write a few short sentences. Textdoes not need to be long, but it must be honest.

Awards will also be a summer color. Top 300 receives superstarmambership or extend membership for 1 month, 700 stardollars, 300 starpoints, 4 Limited Edition rare dresses and opportunity to be next covergirl. 

When you done you send us your User ID number and your enter on our mail
 Where to find ID number: ( my account --> settings --> User ID number ) 
We don't need your nick name, we need your numbers because that is the only way we can conect with your account!

So go on work. The time is limited. If you are one of top 300 we will inform you. 

Have fun on stardoll,
Stardoll Staff.

The first post

Stardoll has decided to make this blog for members of stardoll site, who wants to be more active and creative and want to be rewarded for their activity.

We will post special offers for you in which some members will be awarded special prizes such as superstar membership or extending superstar membership, Covergirl, more stardollars, more starpoints and a lot more ...Here, through this blog will be also various competitions held on the beautiful prizes.
Competition may enter everyone. Competition will be fun and creative and interesting for everyone.

Do not forget to monitor the blog since some time already published the first offer.